phoenix (cokicokes) wrote in duxbury,


yay for the weather getting SO much better lately!

*sunny* weather = beach dayssss
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Yeah but what the hell happened this afternoon?!? I get home from school, change out of teacher-clothes into short shorts, and all the sudden the temp drops 30 degrees. Wassupwiddat?
really? that didn't happen here! it was pretty nice all day long.. definitely not as nice as yesterday tho..

let's hope it doesn't snow tomorrow!
Hmm...where are you again? Ithappened everywhere around here....(South Shore area). I'm with you 100% on not wanting it to snow!
i'm in westboro.. but i'm comin down to my beach house for april vaca so hopefully it's mild and nice down there next week.

woohooo i can't believe it's FINALLY april vaca
yeah...but it got cold again today. oh well, that's new england for ya.

you're from westboro? i know someone from westboro, i met her over the summer at this program called girls state. does becca diamond ring a bell? i haven't seen or talked to her in ages....but yeah.

you seem cool. maybe i'll see you around duxbury?


You went to Girls State too? Do they still sing that song...."Raise your voices, raise them high..."

When I went, they chose who would go by class rank.....and none of us really cared much about government. One of the other girls from Duxbury and I would sneak out behind the Mount Holyoke library and make necklaces out of clover flowers. A really good use of the American Legion's money ;)
yes...the girls state song was forever stuck in my head that week. along with various other chants. last year, the selection of who went to girls state didn't seem to be based on class rank, but rather, on those who were involved in lots of extracurriculars and success in history classes (dr. sullivan nominated three out of the four that went, i believe). and girls state wasn't even at mount holyoke, it was at bay path college, a small school out in longmeadow, massachusetts. yeehaw. it was certainly an amusing week; i remember the last night we escaped out the windows and ran around the campus. it was great.
Yeah, when my sister Beth went a few years ago it was at Bay Path. They kept sending her "please apply" letters all year and then in February sent her a letter of acceptance (no, she never applied). Did anything like that happen to anyone in your group?

You seem really cool. Would you be offended if I added you to my friends list?
not at all! i would be glad to return the favor!