Amy (amyura) wrote in duxbury,

Ahh, the 934 debate lives on...

You know you're not a 934 when...
You know where Camp Wing is.
You go to Dairy Twist in the summer, not Far Far's.
You know the backroads of surrounding towns.
You get off exit eleven and turn left.
You don't go to the Kingsbury Club or DYC.
You drive past the Police Station on a daily basis.
You can find just about any street in town.
You can't just walk out your back door and onto the beach.
You drive people to your house and they question if you're still in Duxbury.
You don't own a car for every day of the week.
You know what 5 Corners is.
You don't own a boat.
You can't get a ride home from school because you live "all the way over there."
You know where Osborn's is.
You don't have every Vera Bradley style/pattern to match.
You have to drive over a highway to get home from school.
Your neighbors own cows.

Full disclosure.....I grew up in a 934 house. BUT it was closer to the Kingston line than Bennett's is, and the biggest house on the street is a six-room Cape with a one-car garage. I went to Chandler back when there were still two separate school districts, and we were the only kids in the school that couldn't afford to go skiing on the school vacations. ALL of the above applies to me, and the snobs who give only the last four digits of their phone numbers irk me as much as anybody.
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