Amy (amyura) wrote in duxbury,

Wake up everyone!!!

Hey, thought I'd try to revive this thing a little....

"Big" town issues....
  • The A&P changing to Grand Union, which is failing miserably and now set to close
  • $50 parking decals at the HS
  • The spate of threats....I think it's both noteworthy and cool that we didn't get one today.
  • That's about it....
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Yeah, I heard a Trader Joe's might move into the ol' A&P / Grand Union place. Just what I've heard though - nothing confirmed. And I was pleasantly surprised about no threat today. I was highly expecting one, based on what has happened previously.
I new TJ's....COOL! I've been going to the one in Shannon would be happy to work there instead, too.
Some other big news: What is with people defecating and smearing it on the walls of DHS? (and on duxbury sidewalks.) I think its a little weird. (is it weirder to defecate and smear, or to just drop a load and leave it?)